Beyond the end of time!

I just emailed everyone about this, but welcome to beyond the end of time! I have finals and essays from everyone and you will all be hearing about final grades for the course very very soon. Thanks again for a great semester, folks!

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Finally, the final & the END OF TIME!

Sorry about my confusion with the schedule and about when I was going to post the final, but here it is! While you’re looking it over (or maybe before you look it over) take a look at this short (and last!) video wrap-up for the semester where I give some general final advice, I talk about the END OF TIME, and I mention a couple of other last minute things with the semester.  Check it out, and if you’ve got questions, ask!

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FWIW: “These Adorable Robots Are Making a Documentary About Humans. Really.”

I know everyone is busy finishing up their short seminar essays and thinking about the final, but I thought I’d share this pretty amusing little story:  From, ” “These Adorable Robots Are Making a Documentary About Humans. Really.” The videos are as fun as the article itself and it definitely touches on some of the topics we discussed this semester.  FWIW.

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Discussing “Computers and Composition 20/20″

Here’s where we’ll talk about  “Computers and Composition 20/20: A Conversation Piece, or What Some Very Smart People Have to Say about the Future.”  I’m not going to say too much about it because– spoiler alert!— I’ve decided that it is going to figure into one of the questions on the final. So it would probably be a good idea for everyone to read this, chat about it, ask questions, etc.

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Tim’s review of “Everything is Miscellaneous”

Here’s our last book review of the semester from Tim and about  David Weinberger’s Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder

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Peer Review for the Short Seminar Project

Be sure to watch my highly entertaining video for a brief run-down on the peer review process.  Here are the groups and links to your group pages:

Peer Review Group 1

Peer Review Group 2

For each group, I’m linking to your blogs with the assumption that you’ll share a link to your projects on your blogs and/or in the comments section on your group’s page.  Follow the links for your group and you’ll see what I mean.  Comment on each others’ projects, feel free to share comments in the comment section here, and of course if you have any questions about any of this, be sure to ask me!


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Digital Humanities Part 2

Sorry I’m later than planned posting this– one thing after another today.  Anyway, just like part 1, we’ll talk about the second group of digital humanities readings right here; they are:

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About the Digital Humanities, Part 1

Since I know you are all also working on your short seminar projects and other things for this and other classes as the end of the term approaches, I thought this week we could take a more general approach to discussing the readings on the emerging notion (field? discipline? study?) called the “Digital Humanities.” So toward that end, here’s where we’ll talk about all of the texts for this first part of the week:

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About the short seminar essay

I just posted a few more details about the short seminar essay.  A draft is due next Friday and the final version is due in a couple weeks, so get to it!  And we can talk about it here or on the assignment page itself.

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Discussing JS Dunn, Carrie Luke, and David Nassar, “Valuing the Resources of Infrastructure”

Here’s where we’ll talk about JS Dunn’s, Carrie Luke’s, and David Nassar’s “Valuing the Resources of Infrastructure: Beyond From-Scratch and Off-the-Shelf Technology Options for Electronic Portfolio Assessment in First-Year Writing.”  One of the appeals to this piece for me is I know these folks and it is about something very very local!

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Bryan’s review of “Mics, Cameras, Symbolic Action”

Here’s Bryan’s review of Bump Halbritter’s Mics, Cameras, Symbolic Action: Audio-Visual Rhetoric for Writing Teachers.  Check it out!

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Chelsea’s Review of Remix Composition

This is where we’ll talk about Chelsea L.’s review of Jason Palmeri’s book, Remixing Composition: A History of Multimodal Writing Pedagogy

I know that Chelsea was going to invite Jason in on the discussion, so maybe he’ll show up on the site and have something to say about this review here. We’ll see!

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Optional f2f gathering: 5 pm on Thursday at Sweetwaters

Because of some of my own plans on Thursday night, I am going to slightly alter our face to face get-together time based on the survey to 5 pm at Sweetwaters.  Even though The Corner was a slight favorite, I’m going to suggest Sweetwaters because it is closer to campus and it might make it a little easier for me to make the plans I have after this.

The new Sweetwaters is really nice, by the way. It’s in the same block on Cross as the Wurst Bar and The Tower Inn, so I suppose of people meet and feel like they’d rather have beer than coffee, we can just move down the street a bit. Let me know if you have any location questions or anything else.

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Discussing Karper’s “Make It Do or Do Without”

This is where we’ll talk about Erin Karper’s “Make It Do or Do Without:  Transition from a Tech-Heavy to a Tech-Light Institution: A Cautionary Tale.” Like I said, it’s probably a good idea to read the Moran piece first to put this in perspective, but I guess the short version is I guess we can’t quite assume that the role of computers in the teaching of writing is a settled argument yet.

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Discussing Moran’s “From a high-tech to a low-tech writing classroom”

This week, we’re starting to make the last turn to the end of the semester, and I decided it would be useful to finish up with first a turn to the very concrete issue of actual computers in actual classes this week and then a turn to current issues/future issues of the so-called “digital humanities” and beyond.  To get started, this is where we’ll talk about Charles Moran’s “From a high-tech to a low-tech writing classroom:  ”You can’t go home again.” And I would recommend reading this article before you read Erin Karper’s “Make It Do or Do Without.”

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