FWIW: “These Adorable Robots Are Making a Documentary About Humans. Really.”

I know everyone is busy finishing up their short seminar essays and thinking about the final, but I thought I’d share this pretty amusing little story:  From Wired.com, ” “These Adorable Robots Are Making a Documentary About Humans. Really.” The videos are as fun as the article itself and it definitely touches on some of the topics we discussed this semester.  FWIW.

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4 Responses to FWIW: “These Adorable Robots Are Making a Documentary About Humans. Really.”

  1. Sarah K. says:

    Any news on the final?

  2. Steve K. says:

    I’ll post the final on Friday!

  3. Danielle says:

    The schedule says it should have been posted yesterday. I was hoping to start working on it today…

  4. Steve K. says:

    Well, that’s bad on my part, and it wasn’t my intention, either. Usually I distribute the final when I collect the final projects/essays. As it is, I’m writing up the final right now– a couple more question choices to go– and there is a brief video introducing it, so I’ll probably have it available either tonight or tomorrow morning. Sorry for the mix-up on all that.

    One thing I’ll say now about the final though: the purpose/intention is not to give you something that is going to take the rest of the week to do. Really, you should be able to finish this in about the same amount of time it would take to finish a final in a face to face class. So hopefully folks aren’t waiting anxiously for something that’s going to take a huge amount of time.

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