Finally, the final & the END OF TIME!

Sorry about my confusion with the schedule and about when I was going to post the final, but here it is! While you’re looking it over (or maybe before you look it over) take a look at this short (and last!) video wrap-up for the semester where I give some general final advice, I talk about the END OF TIME, and I mention a couple of other last minute things with the semester.  Check it out, and if you’ve got questions, ask!

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3 Responses to Finally, the final & the END OF TIME!

  1. chelsea says:

    that link doesn’t work.

  2. Steve K. says:

    Huh. And I can’t figure out what I did wrong originally. Well, it (should) work now, it’s the item in the menu bar at the top that says “The Final!” and here’s a link again:

  3. I didn’t have any problems with the link.

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